Plenary Speakers 2024

Associate Professor
Koret School of Veterinary Medicine, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Evolution, co-evolution host-pathogen, domestication, anthropology, human ecology, conservation genetics and wildlife forensic.
Associate Professor
University of Adelaide, School of Agriculture, Australia
focuses on developing novel phenotyping approaches to support plant scientists in developing climate resilient crops.
Associate Professor
University of Sydney, School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Australia
Population and evolutionary genetics to improve the management of threatened species and inform biodiversity monitoring and conservation.
Associate Professor, Agriculture Victoria Research; La Trobe University, School of Applied Systems Biology, Australia
Agriculture Victoria Research; Associate Profesor, La Trobe University, Australia
Leading a diverse research team focused on grain crop genetic improvement through innovative approaches that more seamlessly integrate pre-breeding research and breeding.
Head of Genomic Research Team,
National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC), Thailand
My research focuses on the application of genomic technologies for the quality improvement of economic crops as well as the conservation and restoration of coastal mangrove and marine species.
Assistant Professor
University of Cambridge, UK
Vet and geneticist who uses canine and other veterinary species as models of human metabolic disease, capitalising on how animals and humans share many metabolic diseases but are genetically very different.