Plenary Speakers

Centre Director
Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, University of Queensland, Australia
Genetics and genomics for livestock and crop breeding
Innovation in Agriculture, University of Queensland, Australia
Application of genomics to capturing biodiversity for agriculture with special emphasis on Australian plant species.
Senior Research Scientist
Uppsala University, Sweden
The long-term research goals of Jennifer Meadow's research group are to identify the genes and molecular variants that underpin traits of importance to both the health and well-being of companion animals. Paired with this is a comparative genetics aspect, where through international collaborative efforts, research findings are translated to aid human patients with orthologous disease sets.
Professor/Research Director
Agriculture Victoria Research and La Trobe University, Australia
Jennie’s main research interests are genetic improvement of traits associated with health, welfare and environmental impact in dairy cows.
Research Leader
Plant Sciences Unit of Agriculture Victoria Research, and School of Applied Systems Biology at La Trobe University, Australia
Crop genetic improvement and accelerating crop varietal development through innovative approaches that more seamlessly integrate research, pre-breeding and breeding.
Senior Lecturer
University of Sydney, Australia
The research of the Whittington Lab is focused on evolutionary and integrative zoology, and aims to understand the evolution of complex traits. They are especially interested in understanding the biology and evolution of pregnancy and the placenta.
BGI-Research, China
Sequencing technologies, single-cell sequencing, stereo-seq technologies and applications of sequencing technologies in precision medicine and biodiversity.