Olga Dudchenko
Assistant Professor
"3D Genome Architecture Persists in a 52,000-Year-Old Woolly Mammoth Skin Sample" (Workshop Title: "DNA Zoo")
Anu Chitikineni
Senior Science Manager
Workshop Title: "Advancing Plant and Animal Omics Frontiers: From Spatial Technologies to Comprehensive Genome References and Beyond"
Claire Wade
Professor, Chair of Computational Biology and Animal Genetics
Companion animal genomics
Qifa Zhang
Professor in the College of Life Science and Technology,
Functional genomics and genomic breeding of green and nutritious rice
Xun Xu
Sequencing technologies, single-cell sequencing, stereo-seq technologies and applications of sequencing technologies in precision medicine and biodiversity.
Brandon Velie
Senior Lecturer School of Life and Environmental Sciences
The genetics and behavior of horses with a particular focus on the genes underlying complex performance and disease traits in racehorse breeds.
Zhonglin Tang
Pig genome design and breeding
Shuhong Zhao
Professor, Dean,
Functional genomics and swine breeding
Sachiko Isobe
Laboratory Head,
Kwan-Suk Kim
Professor, Animal Genetics and Genomics